self portrait Kathy Kimball

I have been passionate about art since I was in elementary school. My early work was realistic and I illustrated a number of children's books including "The Wonderful Counting Clock" written by Cooper Edens and produced by Simon and Schuster in 1995.

I began doing abstract painting as a way to reduce my focus on details and see more of the whole as the painting developed. Developing a network of artists and spending more time with paint took on increasing importance. I attended the Edge Program started by Artists Trust to learn more and begin adding discipline to my love of art. Working to increase my knowledge of paint and materials helps me find my voice and create pictures in paint that have meaning to me. Sometimes the pictures are related to an emotion or thought and represent the struggle of an internal dialogue. Other times it is just the joy of moving color over the canvas.

Each painting starts as a conversation with the blank canvas and myself. The most challenging  part is coming back to the canvas after the initial paint strokes have  been applied. When the painting is completed I can look at my journey in layers on the canvas as the colors and lines show my path to the end result.